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I, the parent of a LVRSA soccer player, here do by pledge the following:

  • To keep in mind what is important for my kids, having a good time, getting some exercise, and learning the game of soccer.
  • To bring my child to practice and games prepared to play, healthy, with water, shin guards, cleats, and dressed in appropriate clothing for the weather. I will also pick them up on time so as not to burden the coach or other parents by being late.
  • To teach my child to be a good sport, by playing fair, concentrating on being a team player, accepting losing or bad calls gracefully, and listening to the coaches.
  • To teach my child the importance of playing a good game, and not to concentrate so much on winning or losing. Good sports can win a game without gloating, and lose a game without complaining or making excuses.
  • To demonstrate positive behavior and role model good sportsmanship at all times while on the sidelines. I understand that this includes being courteous and treating everyone with respect, including the coaches, officials, other parents and players.
  • To cheer for both my child’s team, AND the opposing team acknowledging good play on both sides of the field. I will cheer and shout only encouragement to my child or team, not directions or other negative comments.
  • To not dwell on which team won or lost, and to not berate, tease or bully my child if they did not score, or did not have their best game.
  • To keep my perspective, and remember that it is just a game, meant for FUN! I will not have a hidden agenda or try to live vicariously through my child’s experiences.
  • To remember that I am the parent and not the coach, and as such I will let the coaches do their thing. I know that the coaches are trying their best to teach the kids, and that they have given up personal time to volunteer here with the team. I will even remember to say "Thanks" to the coach for what he/she is doing!
  • And finally, to enjoy watching my child play, gain skills, make new friends and develop a good sporting attitude.


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