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Have you considered giving coaching a try? Don't have soccer experience?

That's OK, we offer soccer training and coaching skills that will provide you a good level of knowledge to make you a competent and capable coach. We offer local training, along with state training (e.g., F License), and information sharing.
Interested in Coaching? Please contact your child's
Division Coordinator.
Want Training? Please contact our
Coach Training Coordinator to get your F-License training or schedules for other training.

COACHES MUST COMPLETE THE KIDS-SAFE FORM (required for All Coaches each Season)

  1. Print Kids-Safe form.
  2. Fill in your information.
  3. Mail to address on bottom of form.


  1. All players MUST wear shin guards with the solid plastic insert guard pieces as opposed to the all foam shim guards. The children will not be permitted to play or practice without them.
  2. Soccer cleats are recommended. Sneakers may be worn. No baseball, softball, football or lacrosse cleats.
  3. No jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.) may be worn during practices or games. Players may not wear baseball hats. Tiebacks (scrunches) for hair are allowed. No barrettes or metal clips may be worn.
  4. It is highly recommended that hooded sweatshirts not be worn. However, a player may wear a hooded sweatshirt if the hood is tucked into the back of the player’s jersey.
  5. Coaches should check the condition of the fields, goal posts, balls, etc. at the start of the game and practices. Balls should not have any loose panels, which could cause injury. Balls should be inflated to the recommended pressure.
  6. Once teams are at the field, the referee has sole discretion as to the condition and suitability of the field, goals and balls, as well as the safety of the player’s equipment.


  1. In keeping with the spirit of the non-competitive and instructional nature of the league, it is expected that each child will be given equal playing time. The general idea is to give each child the most time possible on the field. Players should be provided the opportunity and encouraged to play all positions during the course of the season. All players should be provided with equal opportunity to make a goal, to try their hand at goal keeping, etc. Coaches should not allow one or two players to dominate play at those positions, but should instruct their other players in these areas and make sure they all have equal opportunities.
  2. There are no championship or team won/loss records kept. The emphasis at all times should be directed towards understanding the rules of the game, basic skills, fields positions, good sportsmanship and having FUN.
  3. During the course of play, DO NOT REPRIMAND OR EMBARRASS INDIVIDUAL CHILDREN ON THE FIELD. Since free substitution is used, the player should be called off the field for individual instruction or instruct the entire team between halves.
  4. Both team benches will be on one side of the field. Parents are not permitted on the player’s side of the field, in order to allow the players to concentrate on the coaches instructions.
  5. Coaches should check the condition of the fields, goal posts, balls, etc. at the start of the game and practices. Balls should not have any loose panels, which could cause injury. Balls should be inflated to the recommended pressure.
  6. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players and their spectators. Good examples of sportsmanship are expected from all coaches, parents, fans and players.



  Laws of the Game Made Easy by US Soccer. (5.62MB PDF file)
  Concussion Facts - All Coaches Must Read.
  Soccer Skills Video Library - LVRSA's Video Reference Library.
  www.CoachingSoccer101.com - Soccer coaching and youth soccer drills.
  www.SoccerHelp.com - Soccer Drills, Rules, Positions, and Formations.
  www.Footy4Kids.co.uk - With over 600 pages of top quality information for soccer coaches.
  www.YouTube.com - Search for Youth Soccer Drills. to see drills and ball control movements.






Team Rosters August 20, 2016  Coaches begin player contact
Equipment Pickup August 20, 2016, 8AM - 10AM  Equipment shed on Rock Road.
 $100 equipment return deposit rq'd (check only)
Coaches Pick Practice Times/Fields August 20, 2016  Done during equipment pickup, if not already done online
Coaches Clinic August 20, 2016, 10AM-12PM  Harrington #3
Kids-Safe Forms Due August 20, 2016  All Coaches and Assistants must complete form.
 Collected during equipment pickup
F-License Training August 26th and August 27th  Long Valley
Concussion Facts Document
Concussion Test Document
Concussion Clipboard Form
August 27, 2016  All Coaches and Assistants MUST READ and print copy of Concussion Clipboard form
How to Handle an Injured Player August 27, 2016  All Coaches and Assistants MUST READ
Practice Starts August 29, 2016  For Kindergarten, PeeWee, Minor, Major and Senior divisions
Season Starts September 10, 2016  Yeah!
Season Ends TBD  Last games scheduled
Equipment Drop-Off TBD  Equipment shed on Rock Road
Player Evaluations Due TBD  For Minor, Major and Senior divisions only. Must
 be handed in at Equipment Drop-Off to receive
 $100 deposit back.

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